Avalere fitnesssaid that duringsurers nationally will lose $1 billion in federal funds because of Trump’s dramatic move, unless it’s reversed by Congress or halted by court order. the price-sharing reduction payments reimburse insurers for discounts in out-of-pocket fitnesscosts they currently give to about 6 million Obamacare customers. Obamacare insurers in… Continue Reading Trump’s decisidirectly to kill key Obamacare payments will cost insurers big time through finishof year

The past year saw a glimmer of hope from science. U.S. and German researchers reported they have developed a pain-relieving compound that could in the future replace addictive opioids, one that doesn’t interfere with breathing, which is the main cause of prescription painkiller fatalities. The researchers introduced the compound, called… Continue Reading Update on the Opioid Epidemic in U.S.

The players participating in the workers’ compensation lawsuit included Tony Gaiter, New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers, 1997-1998; Sedrick Irvin, Detroit Lions, 1999-2001; Warren Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1988-1992; Henri Crockett, Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, 1997-2003; Ernest Givens, Houston Oilers, 1986-1994; Dexter Carter, San Francisco 49ers and New York… Continue Reading Ex-Players Drop Case to Force NFL to Pay Workers’ Compensation for Concussions

As for 2018 and beyond, a significant amount of uncertainty remains for the individual health insurance market, says S&P. The timing and specifics of “repeal and replace”- and insurers’ ability to adapt to the changes- will play a pivotal role in influencing their underwriting performance, according to the analysts. “But… Continue Reading Obamacare Individual Market Profitability Outlook Improving, Says S&P

This is an edited version of an article that was originally published in Insurance Journal Magazine, April 4, 2016. Insurance Journal’s Young Agents Survey 2016 polled more than 500 young agents nationwide on their opinions about the industry, their agency, and how they feel about being an insurance agent. Insurance… Continue Reading Why Young Insurance Agents Are So Optimistic

For more information on the report as well as accompanying raw data and other ancillary research products, visit www.channelharvest.com or contact John Campbell, managing principal of Channel Harvest, at john@channelharvest.com. “In today’s environment things quickly can change. Carriers enter and exit lines, there are mergers and acquisitions and some companies… Continue Reading How Agents Feel About Their Compensation from Carriers… and Other Matters

“The new big lie, after ‘if you like your health care plan you can keep can keep it,’ is that 20 million Americans will lose their health care. That’s simply not true,” Brady told reporters Dec. 15. “Republicans will provide an adequate transition period to give people peace of mind… Continue Reading Republicans Ready to Repeal Obamacare, Work Out Replacement Later

About Paul J. Ferraro, Bloomberg View Paul J. Ferraro is a 2016 Rockefeller Bellagio Center Resident and the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Carey Business School and the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion… Continue Reading Why Free Market Believers Should Naturally Accept Climate Change Science

It’s too early, Vornik says, to see evidence of moves to get around anti-drone technology. But Amazon.com last month tested deliveries in the UK via drones, and published a patent describing how it might defend drones from threats, ranging from a bow and arrow to signal jammers. DroneShield’s Vornik says… Continue Reading Newest Big Thing in Drones Is Technology to Block Them

Catalina Holdings UK Ltd. agreed to buy the insurer’s Downlands Liability Management Ltd. (DLM) and Hartford Financial Products International Ltd. (HFPI), which is U.K. business that has been largely in runoff since 1993. As of March 31, DLM and HFPI had total assets of about $1 billion, undiscounted gross reserves… Continue Reading The Hartford Signs $1.5 Billion Reinsurance Deal Covering Asbestos Liability